Handling and logistics

In times of ever higher stringent quality requirements on products in a very wide range of different industries, special importance must be given to appropriate packaging for the particular product and application. Economic and ecological factors have been taken into consideration in the development of various types of packaging.


Liquid Silanes

Liquid silanes are available in three different forms: Our 25 kg PE cans on disposable pallets are designed for smaller scale orders and for easy handling. The particular advantage of our 200 kg PE drum is that it can be emptied easily via a pump system. Both types of packaging can be recycled. The 1,000 kg IBC, which requires minimum handling, makes optimum use of transport capacity; the product can be removed easily via a pump system. If required, the IBC can also be used in rotation.   

Solid Silane/Carbon Black Blends

Our 25 kg PE valve bags can simply be added to the process without being emptied and are delivered shrink-wrapped on returnable wooden or plastic pallets. Our 1,000 kg FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) make efficient use of transport capacity, require minimum handling, can be emptied quickly and take up little storage space. The material can be dosed with the aid of suitable weighing and metering equipment. Considerable rationalization effects are provided with this form of packaging as opposed to the smaller bags.  

COUPSIL® Powder/Granules 

The paper bags can be used in explosion-proof areas, the required amount can be removed easily and they can be disposed of without any problem.

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