Rubber Silanes for improved physical properties


Functional organosilanes are used as coupling agents in the rubber industry in a variety of products together with white fillers. They provide improved physical properties of the final products and also simplify considerably the processability of rubber compounds during mixing and extrusion. We supply silanes tailored to the customers' specific requirements and for a wide field of applications.

Tires for safe driving and reduced fuel consumption

Today the majority of OE passenger car tires from European production are equipped with a combination of highly dispersible (HD) silica and bifunctional rubber silanes as coupling agents. 

Mechanical rubber goods for high performance

Bifunctional rubber silanes also improve mechanical rubber goods. In combination with silica they provide much better mechanical properties than often used natural fillers such as clay, chalk or whiting. Depending on the area of application, we can supply products tailored to the customer's specific requirements. Ask our experts how to improve your technical rubber products with silica and silanes from Evonik. 

Elastic shoe soles with improved durability

Today's modern shoe soles cannot be imagined without the Silica/Silane-system. 

The Green tire: keep on rolling

Get to know more about our "Green Tire" technology, offering the Silica/Silane-reinforcing system which significantly determines the tire tread performance as a key future solution.

Why Rubber Silanes from Evonik? Advantages

Evonik is the only supplier globally to offer reinforcing systems for the rubber industry based on silica and organosilanes.

Evonik has been producing these two reinforcing components for decades and has generated in depth knowledge in production application and testing.

The engineers of the Applied Technology offer their expertise for the optimum solution for rubber reinforcement.