less rolling resistance - a clever way to save fuel

Protecting the environment and conservation of natural resources play an increasingly important role. We provide an active contribution with our products, enabling safe and economical driving thanks to the reduced rolling resistance of tires.

Si 69®: Rolling resistance -25%

Si 69® improves the rolling resistance by about 25 %, and fuel consumption felt by about 5 %. In all key characteristics, this new generation of tires has a significantly better level of performance.

Si 363®: Rolling resistance -35%

Mercaptosilane Si 363® is is the successor of the established polysufur silanes. Compared to these established Silica/Silane- systems the rolling resistance of the rubber compound with Si 363® is further reduced by more than 10-15 percent. In contrast of tires without silica/silane, the rolling resistance drops by about 40-45 percent. Fuel consumption falls by 5 to 10 percent, depending on the basis of comparison.

A valuable advantage, especially if one considers that the EU regulations starting in 2012 will limit and label the rolling resistance of all existing tires.