MORE safety even under wet road conditions

Increase of the brake power thanks to the silica/silane-system, even under automn and winter weather conditions

The trend towards faster and saver cars is going on. However, the only contact to the street is made by the tires. Therefore, they play a major role balancing of driving fun and safety requirements especially on wet and dry roads. 

Tire tread in the snow

Though the scientific basics of the wet braking phenomenons are still under investigation, one thing is clear: The introduction of the Silica/Silane-system in the early 90’s led to an immediate improvement of wet breaking distances. One explanation for the improvement is that in contrast to the non-polar Carbon Black, Silica containing rubber compounds can easilier penetrate the water film on the road surface. The unique viscoelastic properties of silica-filled rubber compounds make it possible to match the stringent safety requirements of modern passenger car tire treads.

Rubber silanes are here also key ingredients. The reinforcement of the rubber compound requires the use of silane. Only then the balance between wet grip, wear and rolling resistance is guaranteed.