Product Safety and quality

Safety, ESHQ
Handling Information

Detailed handling and storage recommendations as well as exposure limits and information on personal safety equipment can be taken from our product handling brochure and the respective safety data sheets. Please contact us!

Legal Classification

The classification and evaluation according to the applicable chemical and transport regulations can be found in the latest respective product safety data sheets.

Your contact at Evonik Resource Efficiency will gladly provide additional information on product safety.




ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certificates
Bitterfeld-Wolfen/ Bonn / Hanau / Marl / Leverkusen / Rheinfelden / Wesseling, Germany; Antwerp, Belgium; Roussillon, France; Calvert City (KY) / Chester (PA) / Parsippany (NJ) / Theodore (AL) / Waterford (NY), USA; Zubillaga-Lantaron, Spain


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Lanxing (Rizhao) plant, China

ISO 14001 certificate


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Lanxing (Rizhao) plant, China

ISO 9001 certificate


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OHSAS Lanxing (Rizhao) plant, China

OHSAS 18001 certificate


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